Server Stop

Server Stop

If you are keeping your CF configuration in source control via a local JSON file, you may wish for the JSON file to automatically "track" your CF engine's settings. Otherwise, any changes you make to your CF setting in the web administrator will be lost the next time you start your server and your JSON config is imported again.


To enable this feature, add a global config setting in CommandBox like so:

config set modules.commandbox-cfconfig.exportOnStop=true

The setting above defaults to off. You need to opt-in to this behavior.


Every time a server does a graceful shutdown via the server stop command, a suitable JSON file will be searched for using the same criteria used by the server start interceptor. If a JSON file is found, the current engine's config will be exported into it.

Lucee’s server and web contexts will export into the matching JSON files, if they exist. If there is more than one JSON file declared for a given context, the first will be used.

This ensures that any changes you make in the CF admin will be reflected back in your JSON file so you can commit it and share it with your coworkers. Please note, stopping a server from your system tray does not currently fire the server stop interceptors.


If you want to make temporary changes to your CF settings that you don't want to commit, use your source control to revert the JSON back, or turn the setting back off like so:

config set modules.commandbox-cfconfig.exportOnStop=false

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