Export Settings

Export configuration from a server. If you don't specify a to, we look for a CommandBox server using the current working directory. Only rely on this if you have a single CommandBox server running in the current directory.

cfconfig export myConfig.json
cfconfig export from=serverNameToExportFrom to=myconfig.json
cfconfig export from=/path/to/server/home to=myconfig.json

All the same rules for engine format and version apply.

cfconfig export to=/path/to/.CFConfig.json from=/path/to/server/home [email protected]

The version number can be left off toFormat and fromFormat when reading or writing to a CFConfig JSON file or a CommandBox server since we already know the version. If you don't specify a Lucee web or Server context, we default to server. Use a format of "luceeWeb" to switch.

cfconfig export to=myConfig.json fromFormat=luceeWeb

In some situations you might need to alter the data being imported such as with Scheduled Tasks that you might not want to run on the target server. Adding the --pauseTasks flag will import the scheduled tasks in the paused state.