Transfer Settings

Transfer configuration from one location/server to another. If you don't specify a from or to, we look for a CommandBox server using the current working directory. Only rely on this if you have a single CommandBox server running in the current directory. You must specify at least a from or a to.

Note the two servers do not need to be the same kind. CFConfig will translate the config for you.

cfconfig transfer from=servername to=anotherServername
cfconfig transfer from=serverName
cfconfig transfer to=serverName
cfconfig transfer from=/path/to/server/home to=/path/to/another/server/home
cfconfig transfer from=/path/to/server/home
cfconfig transfer to=/path/to/server/home

All the same rules for engine format and version apply.

cfconfig transfer from=/path/to/.CFConfig.json to=/path/to/server/home [email protected]

The version number can be left off toFormat and fromFormat when reading or writing to a CFConfig JSON file or a CommandBox server since we already know the version. If you don't specify a Lucee web or Server context, we default to server. Use a format of luceeWeb to switch.