Supported Engines

CFConfig covers most of the common settings you'll find in Adobe and Lucee servers. This includes datasources, CF Mappings, Lucee caches, mail servers, logging settings, debugging settings, event gateways (Adobe), scheduled tasks (Adobe), and custom tag paths.

If you find a setting or feature which is not supported, please send a pull request. If you don't have time for a pull request, please enter a ticket so we can track remaining features.

Here's an overview of what's supported.

  • Lucee 4.x

  • Lucee 5.x

  • Adobe CF 2021

  • Adobe CF 2018

  • Adobe CF 2016

  • Adobe CF 11

  • Adobe CF 10

  • Adobe CF 9

  • Railo 4.x

If there is an engine/version or specific setting that's very important to you, Ortus is happy to have sponsored features. Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor a feature.

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