Diff Settings

You can diff any two locations, meaning two servers, two JSON files, a server and a JSON file, etc, etc.

cfconfig diff server1 server2
cfconfig diff file1.json file2.json
cfconfig diff servername file.json
cfconfig diff from=path/to/servers1/home to=path/to/server2/home

You can even filter what config settings you see:

cfconfig diff to=serverName --all
cfconfig diff to=serverName --valuesDiffer --toOnly --fromOnly

Diff Reports

The cfconfig diff commandbox has the ability to export HTML and PDF files. The contents of the report will exactly match what displays in the CLI. So any flags you apply such as --toOnly will also filter the report output. This can be handy for historical purposes or just to get the data into a format that's easier to read than the CLI.

To generate an HTML report:

cfconfig diff to=... from=... HTMLReportPath=folder/
cfconfig diff to=... from=... HTMLReportPath=folder/file.html

To generate a PDF report:

cfconfig diff to=... from=... PDFReportPath=folder/
cfconfig diff to=... from=... PDFReportPath=folder/file.pdf

You can generate both HTML and PDF at the same time if you like. If you don't provide a filename, one is created for you with the following format:


The report directory is also created for you if it doesn't exist.

Remember, you can get funky and generate clever report names on the fly such as:

cfconfig diff ... PDFreportpath="Daily-Report-`#now | #dayOfWeek | #dayOfWeekAsString`.pdf"

This would give you a name like Daily-Report-Thursday.pdf! Existing files are overwritten.

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